Department of Public Safety

The Housing Authority of Kansas City Missouri Public Safety Department has officers licensed by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department board of commissioners.  Public safety officers perform problem solving, community outreach, investigative, and security functions.  These non-sworn civilian Peace officers perform functions that include, but are not limited to crime prevention initiatives, problem solving initiatives, fraud investigations, lease violation investigations, enhanced positive resident engagement, criminal background checks, protective services, security services, random patrols, HAKC lease enforcement, quality of life enhancements, neighborhood crime watch development, community meeting development, community event support, educational seminars, positive youth engagement, and cooperatively facilitating the enforcement of local, state, and federal law by sworn law enforcement officials.  Your HAKC Public Safety Department strives to work in partnership with stakeholders and takes pride in embracing community, problem oriented, and 21st Century Policing principles.  Although Officers normally work during HAKC business hours, your public safety Officers are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to handle matters of concern within their assignments.  The Public Safety Departments overriding goal is to facilitate a Safe, Livable, and Harmonious environment for residents, guest, and staff members of HAKC

To request assistance, to report issues of concern, or for any non-emergency matters requiring a HAKC public safety response or investigation -


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Interim Director Victor Webb
Department of Public Safety
Housing Authority of Kansas City

299 Paseo Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64106
Office - 816-777-2912
Fax – 816-777-2912