Planning and Development Department

The mission of the Planning and Development Department at the Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri is to create and preserve affordable housing. In addition to traditional public housing redevelopment, the Department has created seven new mixed – income sites where public housing exists alongside market rate apartments. These developments are designed to be asset to their neighborhoods, and indistinguishable from privately owned and managed apartments.

The Department may serve as lead developer, or partner with private developers to create affordable housing. The Department may utilize the Authority’s non-profit affiliates to serve as partners in tax credit partnerships. The Department applies public sources such as HOPE VI and public housing capital funds to leverage private equity and conventional financing. To date under the HAKC Receivership the Department has utilized $50 million in HOPE VI and other public housing funds to leverage over $77 million in non-public housing and private investment.

Nearly 1100 new and rehabilitated units have been produced by the Department in partnership with private developers. These include 464 replacement public housing units. Of these, 255 were scatted-site homes and duplexes built or acquired in new locations throughout Kansas City to increase employment and education opportunities for public housing residents. 

A crowd funding effort has been started to finance our project at the Pemberton Park Section 8 housing facility for "grandfamilies." In order to live at this facility, the senior adult residents must have legal custody of their grandchildren. Living on less than a $1,000 a month means there's no extra money for computers or an Internet subscription.


This will be our first project inspired by the ConnectHome initiative here in Kansas City Missouri.


We were able to get a year of bandwidth donated by a local ISP in kind by providing an $1,800 donation.

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