About HAKC

The Mission Statement

The Mission of the Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri is to develop, maintain, and manage quality affordable housing in a manner that promotes equal opportunity, fair housing and the deconcentration of race and poverty.  In accomplishing this goal, HAKC is committed to maintaining it developments as affordable housing assets that can meet the needs of low-income households in the long term and serve as viable community resources promoting economic independence and self-sufficiency for its residents. The Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri is also committed to promoting resident economic self-sufficiency and improving community quality of life and economic viability.

Role of a Public Housing Authority

A Public Housing Authority is a governmental entity that is authorized by the State to engage in or assist in the development or operation of housing for low income and very low income families. The Housing Authority operates two basic programs, Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher program. In the Public Housing program, the Housing Authority acts as the landlord. In the Housing Choice Voucher program, the Housing Authority administers the federal program by providing rental assistance on behalf of low and very low income families to private landlords.