The Housing Authority of Kansas City, MO

is currently billing





The payment standards are as follows:   

    0 Bedroom - $609.00
    1 Bedroom - $772.00
    2 Bedroom - $946.00
    3 Bedroom - $1,293.00
    4 Bedroom - $1,463.00
    5 Bedroom - $1,682.00


Please send all Portability Requests to:

Nickole Smith, Housing Choice Voucher Portability Specialist
Housing Authority of Kansas City, MO
920 Main Street, Ste. 701
Kansas City, Missouri 64105
Phone: (816) 968-4245
Fax: (816) 285-4027

Preferred method of contact is via fax or email.

The following information should be included to process your request:
• Client’s Current Voucher
• HUD-50058 Form
• HUD-52665: Family Portability Information
• Client’s Contact Information (Address & Phone Number)
• PHA’s W-9, Proof of Tax ID #, and Vendor Number Verification form (this is only for PHA’s that are not currently listed in our database)

Once you have been notified that your agency has sent the required documents please call (816) 968-4272 to schedule an intake appointment. The intake appointments are scheduled on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursday of every month.