Procurement Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Procurement and Contracts of the Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri, to provide for a procurement system of quality and integrity; provide for the fair and equitable treatment of all persons or firms involved in purchasing by HAKC; ensure that supplies and services (including construction) are procured efficiently, effectively, and at the most favorable prices available to the HAKC; promote competition in contracting; and assure that HAKC purchasing actions are in full compliance with applicable Federal standards, HUD regulations, State, and local laws. 

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Davis Bacon Act 

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Section 3 Business Registry Brochure

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Davis-Bacon Labor Standards

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 Notice to All Bidders: By accessing a copy of a solicitation via our website please be advised that you are solely responsible for monitoring the site for any addendum that may be issued.



  NO SMOKING: Effective 01/01/15 HAKC became a 'Smoke Free' environment.


This applies to Residents and Contractors.



See flyer below regarding KCMO Occupational License: 
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Please download a PDF copy from below or request an electronic copy via email to  

Available Bid Opportunities

RFP 19-965 Security Guard Services_Chouteau Courts.pdf


RFP 19-964 Commercial Real Estate Services.pdf

Addendum 2 RFP 19-964 Commercial Real Estate Services.pdf

Addendum 1 RFP 19-964 Commercial Real Estate Services .pdf


RFP 18-963 Chouteau Courts Public Housing Historic Documentation.pdf

Addendum 1 RFP 18-963 Historical Documentation at Chouteau Courts.pdf


Awarded Contracts
IFB# 18-961      Unit Rehab - Claybond & Co. - $23,085.00
IFB# 18-960      Replace Retaining Wall and Driveway - Louis and Sons Excavating $14,501.00

IFB#  18-943a   Meter Bank Panel Overlay-Replacement - Cancelled
RFP# 18-960    Cloud Based Phone System - proposals under review
IFB# 18-958     Replace Damaged Interior and Exterior -Scissor-Tailed Investments $46,844
IFB# 18-959     Add Wood Fiber Mulch to Playgrounds - Eyedeal Lawn Care - $39,850
IFB# 18-956     Replace Roof Coverings - Tailor Made - $102,455
IFB# 18-957     Roof Covering Replacement - Triad, Inc. $6,890
IFB# 18-949     Replace Partial Heaved Driveway, and  Exterior Works - Tailor Made -$17,381
IFB# 18-955     Replace Cracked Front Porch & Driveway - Tailor Made - $28,734
IFB# 18-954     Site_Exterior Work Around Unit - Claybond & Co. - $49,959
IFB# 18-953     Erect Retaining Walls - Tailor Made Exteriors - $45,487
IFB# 18-951     Replace Roof Coverings_Sidings_Trim - Triad Inc. - $32,550
IFB# 18-950     Replace Rotted Wood Sidings_Trim  - Claybond & Co. - $18,301
IFB# 18-947     Chain Link Fence Repair and Replacement - Scissor-Tailed - $25,844
IFB# 18-948     Repair Cracked Foundation Wall - Claybond & Co - $9,529
IFB# 18-946     Replace Driveway, Gutter and Down Spouts - Scissor-Tailed - $16,244
IFB# 18-943     Meter Bank Panel Overlay-Replacement - HAKC to rewrite scope and re-issue
IFB# 18-945     Parking Lot Repair at Theron B Watkins - McConnell & Associates - $13,072
IFB# 18-944     Parking Lot Repair at Pemberton - Scissor-tailed - $7,244
IFB# 18-942     Replace Damaged Skylights - Scissor-tailed - $3,244
RFP# 18-940    VoIP Cloud Based Phone System - Cancelled until further notice 
IFB# 18-939     Flooring Services - Design Source Flooring - Fee for service 
IFB# 18-938     Repair Cracked Foundation Walls - Scissor-tailed - $13,244
IFB# 17-925     Parking Lot Resurfacing and Restriping - Advanced Asphalt - $32,486
RFP# 17-932    Pest Control Services - Smithereen Pest Management - Fee for service
IFB# 18-936     Replace Roof Coverings Gutter and Down Spouts - Triad Inc.
IFB# 18-935     Outside Lighting Maintenance - Superior Electrical Construction - Fee for service 

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