2012 Kansas City Home Show


YouthBuild had a booth at the recent Home Show sponsored by the Heartland Utilities for Energy Efficiency fund (HUEE).  HUEE awarded a $10000 grant to YouthBuild last year to build a display to teach people the basics of home energy.  The display entitled, “Understanding Home Energy,” allows people the ability to learn about home energy concepts in a fun and interactive way.  The display featured a functioning 90% furnace, a dissected water heater, a cfl vs incandescent vs LED light bulb efficiency display (the LED was the brightest 40 Watt equivalent bulb and only generated 8.2 watts of power), a converted low flow toilet, a low flow faucet, a rim joist sealing mock up, insulations, insulated wall cavities demonstrated the effectiveness of fiberglass and cellulose as insulators, a 50” plasma running instructional dvd’s that was also connected to an energy device which displayed that the tv generated 300 Watts of electricity, an insulated attic hatch display, and a functioning solar furnace made from recycled aluminum cans.

During the Home Show, which lasted three days, two YouthBuild trainees and members of the YouthBuild staff educated countless guests on basics of home energy.  It was a very successful event.

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